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Why a Professional Website is Better for your Brand than a Free Website

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A website allows you to provide information about your company, products, and services to make them easily accessible to clients and potential customers. It only takes 0.05 seconds for users to have an impression of your website. Therefore, having a unique professional website is a vital key to your digital presence.

A winning website should have:

  • A Well Designed and Functional interface User friendly
  • Optimization for Mobile
  • Content Quality
  • Contact and Location accessibility
  • Call action
  • Search engine optimization

If you aren’t good or familiar with web design, the above can seem like a daunting task.

There are options for developing websites like free website builders and professionals who can design customized websites.

Using a free web builder is usually the go-to move for many businesses, and while there are several benefits to using a free web builder, there are also disadvantages. Here are a few:

1.Trial services aren’t free:

More often than not, free website services tend to be limited trials. Eventually are asked to pay for it. This price is usually way higher than standard services like WordPress hosting. You could also be charged without warning if you use your credit card to sign up.

2. Website speed:

Free website hosting sites usually have hundreds of websites that use the same server. Slow websites create a lousy user experience and are bad for SEO

3. Your website could be shut down:

Website builders usually state in their terms and conditions that your website could be shut down without any reason. Should this happen, they do not provide a way for you to recover data or save your content.

4. You could lose your address.

If the web builder you are using decides to close the service or shut down your website, you lose your website address. In most, there is a subdomain linked to the service. It is impossible to replicate that address or redirect users to your new site elsewhere.

Free Web Builder vs Professional Web Design

5. Your bandwidth is limited:

The volume of data transferred from the server to the user browser is bandwidth. Free web builders usually have a minimal bandwidth cap. This can cause “throttling,” which means your connection will be slow.

6. A limited number of pages:

Free website builders often have a limited number of pages you can have on your website. An upgrade to a paid plan if you wish to add more.

7. You can’t run advertisements or make money.

Free website companies run their adverts on your website. They do not permit you to make money or run ads through your website. Adding affiliate links or adding Google Adsense to your website will not be allowed.

8. No analytics or statistics or page scores:

Free websites don’t give you permission to add Google Analytics or check your Google Core vitals, nor do any use any other traffic counters because they run their analytics code on your website

9. Not User-friendly / Mobile phone friendly:

Free website builders have dashboards designed to work on desktops only; this will be impossible if you need to edit or make changes quickly and on the go. In addition, free website companies offer archaic web designs and do not work on mobile phones. Mobile and handheld device users make up a large portion of traffic on the internet. You will lose those users when you don’t have a responsive design.

10. You will not get a branded email:

You are not able to create email accounts with customized domain names. Unfortunately, you will have to use your Hotmail or Gmail email account, which appears unprofessional.

11. No contact forms or email forwards- CTA

All websites on the internet need a way for the clients to get in touch. A contact form is a good example. Free website companies do not provide a way for you to add custom contact forms to your website. Additionally, you don’t get to forward emails received on their own poorly configured form scripts.

12. Poor Security:

Due to inadequate security, free websites are often more susceptible to hackers. If your site has been hacked, it will be more challenging to recover it because these companies give you minimal access to your files and data.

13. Malware

Free website services are a prominent distributor of malware. This can affect your website’s reputation and SEO negatively.

14. They can sell your information.

Certain companies find other avenues to recover their money, such as selling your information like personal information, email address, and website address to other companies.

So, What are the Advantages of Hiring Web Design Company?

Since we know that a website is so important, why would you settle for one that “works” but doesn’t quite do everything a good website should do? By deciding for less than the best in your website design, you’re doing yourself and your business a disservice.

Advantages of Hiring a Web Design Company

In contrast to using a free website builder, there are many advantages to using a professional website developer in the following ways :

Professional Website Designs

An elegant website ensures that visitors stay for longer on your website. It also helps to improve your search engine optimization. Professional web designers can use their experience and skill to provide custom-made designs to suit your product or service. They also tend to use the latest website design best practices.

User and mobile Friendly

Mobile users make a significant portion of traffic on the internet; most will try to access your website over their smartphones or handheld devices. Your website must ensure that the visitors have a seamless experience across all devices. Professional web designers can ensure that your website is responsive and caters to all audiences through all devices. Your website must have no errors or flaws. If it does, it could take a long time to rectify such issues. Professional designers will test the best practices associated and can make sure that your website is free from problems before you launch. Web designers can also provide continuous website maintenance and support services


Your website must use Search Engine Optimization best practices to rank higher during user keyword searches. A website designer is aware of the multitude of aspects related to SEO when designing your website. This assists search engines in doing their job on the website without errors.

Faster Website

Slow websites create a terrible impression of your website, and people will often move on to competitor sites if your website is slow.

A web designer will assist you in creating a website with plug-ins and integrated features to increase speed and security.

According to HubSpot, when it comes to successful and popular websites. 47% of web users expect a load time of within two seconds,

64% of mobile users expect a load time of about four seconds,

A one-second delay in load times leads to an 11% loss in page views,

A one-second delay in load speed leads to a 7% reduction in conversions.

For example, if your site makes $100,000 daily, improving your load times by just 1% can improve your sales by $7,000 daily.

Poorly designed websites are usually the primary cause of slow load time

 Call to Action

A good website has a contact form, follow-up emails, and other forms that save you time from having to do the same over phone calls. Your website designer can set up all these and much more.

Take Benefit of Continuous Support

Website maintenance is essential as various factors and ongoing tasks need monitoring daily. Web designers can provide support and maintenance plans, fix bugs, and give customization support. In addition, you will receive constant technical support and will be able to make necessary changes based on what your business or industry needs.

Value for money

Most small business owners tend to focus solely on the initial investment without looking at the bigger picture. Novice web designers and web builders don’t have access to content marketing, SEO, and qualified graphic designers.

You know or already know that websites need regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. Poorly designed websites cause technical issues, which could happen more often. For instance, should there be a slight spike in online traffic, it could cause some websites to freeze. Yes, the cost may seem steep but investing in a good web developer is a long-term bonus for your business.

It is a lot more advantageous to hire a professional website development company. It means you won’t have to worry about doing any technical aspects of web design. You won’t have to deal with hiring a programmer or developer, either. Instead, all of these tasks can be done by them.

There are several good website design companies in Nairobi, Kenya. A quickly growing personal favorite, The Best Marketing shop offers a full suite of services, including but not limited to content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, website design and management, and video production.

From a start company to larger corporate companies, a website is a valuable asset to your business to strengthen your growth and brand recognition. Invest in one today. You won’t regret it.

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