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Are you interested in being Google first page quality or hide in the unseen other pages? Good SEO makes all the difference.
Search Engine Optimization Nairobi Kenya

SEO – Search engine optimization improves the volume and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engines such as Bing, Google, etc and search results. By implementing an SEO strategy, you can improve your marketing efforts, gain valuable customer insights, and create a steady flow of visitors to your website while growing important visitor metrics such as engagement and conversion rate.

It doesn’t matter what business you have in Kenya; having a high search engine ranking is very important. Good rankings can translate directly into more customers handing over their money to you. And here, at The Best Marketing Shop, we’ll do whatever it takes to get you to the top of the search results.

What is SEO?

SEO is a strategy used to boost traffic to websites by increasing the number of highly targeted visitors. This is achieved by improving the ranking of a website for particular keywords in search results from popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo Search. SEO is a complex process, and to make it easier to manage, it is broken down into different types. While there are some other types, there are four main ones as follows:

1.     ON-PAGE SEO

On-Page SEO is a type of optimization carried out on your own website’s web pages to increase the ranking of its content in search engines. The main objective of On-Page SEO is to create content that satisfies the requirements of both human users and search engine bots, so users can easily find what they are looking for. Search engine bots can identify the keywords used on that particular web page. Some other goals for On-Page SEO include increasing your site’s accessibility, visibility, and link popularity by giving people a pleasant experience when visiting your site and creating backlinks from other websites pointing to your primary website. In addition, it also helps you avoid any penalties that may be imposed by Google or other search engines due to certain technical factors such as duplicate content or missing page tags.


Off-page SEO is the strategy of getting other websites to link back to your site. It is a highly effective way to get more exposure, authority, and trust. To do this, we use several types of link building techniques, including optimizing your website in such a way that it attracts relevant backlinks, publishing quality content on other reputable websites, guest blogging on high authority sites, commenting on popular blogs, participating in industry groups or focusing on social media marketing.

3.     Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the technical aspect of SEO. Technical SEO must be performed to ensure that the website is easily crawled and indexed by search engines such as Google and Bing. The main goals of technical SEO are to make sure site architecture is correct, optimize HTML tags and title tags on each page, and make certain URLs are friendly for human perception.

4.     Local SEO

Local SEO is about ranking on Google for a specific area or location. For example, if you’re a local business in Chicago, your primary concern would be local SEO or Chicago SEO. There are several ways to accomplish this, including creating a Google My Business listing and ensuring that your information is correct, including hours of operation, addresses, contact phone numbers, and driving directions. It’s also essential to ensure that the right words (KEYWORDS – explained below) are used on your website to help increase local exposure.

SEO Services Nairobi Kenya

Why is SEO important?

To help you understand why SEO is essential to your business, we have broken it down into three main parts:

1.     Organic Search Results

Organic search results are your way to be discovered with relevant keywords for free. Organic listings are valuable because, except for ads, they are not directly controlled by any entity except the content creator. Google is quite obviously the largest search engine globally and has recently signaled that they want to maintain a clean user experience on its platform. User experience includes minimizing spammy SERPs( Search engine results page) and decreasing their risk of litigation regarding click fraud; therefore, if you don’t have an active campaign of some sort running to promote your content organically, it won’t likely show up in your target keyword’s search results. This can easily lead to stagnation or revenue loss as your market/lead is getting lost in SERPs full of sponsored ads, paid links, and competition.

2.     Organic Traffic Quality

The first step toward high-quality SEO is to focus on creating content that matches your target audience’s needs when they perform online searches. This step allows you to rise higher in the SERP and attract more visitors to your site. Your next step is to make certain that search crawlers can index your site or pages. Once you’ve written unique content, the search engines will increase the value of your website by assigning a higher rank to your domain. This rank is a function of many factors, including the age and authority of your domain and the relevance of your content to different keywords associated with a query.

3.     Organic Traffic Quantity

High-quality traffic is the best kind of web traffic because it consistently leads to conversions to your website. The visitors might not be ready to make a purchase right away—they may need to be nurtured through a few interactions before they do—but they’re at least interested enough in your company and its offerings to see what you have to say or sell. This means that they are more likely to complete a conversion on your site if you give them the tools they need.

Keyword Research Nairobi Kenya

What are keywords?

From the beginning, we have mentioned “Keywords,” Keywords are words and phrases that searchers enter into search engines, also called “search queries.” As a website owner, the keywords on your page should be relevant to what consumers are searching for so that the chances of them finding your content amongst millions of results are better. By thinking carefully about what people are searching for, you can ensure that you’re providing the most relevant content.

Keywords aren’t just about your content — they’re also about your audience because there’s a chance that people might use different words to describe what you offer than what you might expect them to use. For example, let’s say that your business involves a lot of juggling. Someone is looking for information about how to juggle — but instead of using the word “juggle,” they search for “juggling.” If your content doesn’t mention the word “juggling” anywhere on the page, it won’t show up in the search

The Importance of Keywords

In your SEO strategy, the keywords you choose to target are the linchpin that connects what people are searching for with the content you want them to find. You’ll want to include relevant keywords in your content to rank well in search engine results and drive the correct traffic to your website.

What you can expect from The Best Marketing Shop SEO Services

We know you’ve been waiting to learn more about our company, and we’re thrilled to announce that we’re offering a wide range of professional SEO services across all areas of your business.

After careful research and market analysis, we crafted a comprehensive SEO strategy that will help you achieve maximum success on Google and ensure the longevity of your business. We’ll also give you expert advice on using your website’s content to increase your customer base.

Then, we’ll carefully craft high-quality content for your site consistently to be relevant, exciting, and engaging.

You’ll be pleased to learn that we’re happy to provide in-depth keyword research for your store or business and recommend the type of search engine optimization tactics that will achieve maximum results over the long term. And then—just like that—it’s time for us to put our heads together and create an editorial calendar for your site so that every piece of content we create is strategically placed.

We’ll ensure that new content consistently appears on your site with fresh, proven copywriting to keep up with these fantastic results. Then, if you choose to partner with us on paid ads, we’ll make sure that they’re strategic in the right places and trackable so you can monitor your progress.

So, If you are looking to spread the word about your business, it’s time to call us and enlist the help of our SEO experts.

At The Best Marketing Shop, we have spent years honing our SEO craft to carry out search engine optimization and drive results for businesses like yours. Instead of waiting and hoping someone will stumble upon your business online, we can effectively market it to potential clients for you.

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