Video Marketing

Eye-catching video content to ensure the most informative, alluring visual experience guaranteed to reign in potential clients and keep your audience captivated every time

Video Marketing

Video marketing is mainly used to promote & market a business’s product or services. Creating the right video content increases engagement, educates your consumers and customers on digital and social channels, and reaches them with a new medium.

Why Choose Video Marketing?

Studies have shown that video marketing is the future for any business in 2022.

  • There are over 244.4 million digital video viewers in the world.
  • 8 OUT OF 10 people will make a buying decision after watching a video versus any other kind of video.
  • 8 OUT OF 10 people choose watching a video than engage with static imagery
  • 54% of customers and consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support
  • According to HubSpot, 86% of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool.
  • Videos are consumers’ favorite content to see from a brand on social media. 88% of people who use video marketing are satisfied with the return-on-investment (ROI) of video marketing on social media.
  • Video marketing will get you 66% more qualified leads per year
  • 70% of businesses will use video marketing as their primary approach in 2022
  • 52% of marketers say that video helps them build trust with potential customers.

Benefits of Using Video Marketing:

Traditional advertising methods are long gone. Video marketing allows you to build relationships with your customers and get them to trust you and your product. Trust leads to repeat business and referrals. When your customers feel like they’re part of a community, they will be more inclined to do business with you repeatedly.

Video marketing can benefit your business in:

  1. Building brand awareness
  2. Increasing sales
  3. Increasing traffic to your site
  4. Increasing lead generation
  5. Building customer loyalty
  6. Increasing conversion rates

Different Types of Video Marketing

There are many different types of video marketing and formatting used in the digital marketing world. Our video content creators are able to customize videos to the size, length and style you require to ensure maximum engagement Some video types we work on are as follows:


Logo reveal, Intro, and Outro Videos:

A logo reveal is like the end of a book to a video. It lets you close with a confident brand display and seal the deal with your potential client/investor/customer. The best logo reveal will make the viewer feel something—excitement, intrigue, or confidence in their decision to buy from you or invest in your ideas. Your logo should be an ultimate representation of who you are—it should reflect and showcase your brand so that when someone thinks of you, they think of your logo.

An intro video is a short, direct video that tells your audience everything they need to know about your product/service and business. Typically, 1–2 minutes in length, intro videos are meant to be quick and provide a general overview of your business without delving deep into its unique aspects.

An outro is a perfect place to ask your viewer to take the next step, whether subscribing to your channel, watching another video, or buying one of your products. This is also known as a call to action (CTA)


Branding Templates

Your company’s brand defines who you are and what you do. Your branding template is the graphic representation of that image, a marketing tool that provides instant recognition to documents and publications.

The template might include:

  • Logo
  • Official Name
  • Acronym
  • Slogan


Business Presentations and Slide Shows

A business presentation is a formal delivery of information about your company or its practices. It’s typically used to communicate key findings or pitches that can affect your company’s future, and it’s carried out by using audio and visual presentation materials such as statistical documents, projectors, flip charts, whiteboards, or posters.

The primary purpose of a business presentation is to persuade the audience to decide based on the information you’re presenting.

Many clients come to us wondering what a slideshow video is. A slideshow video is a series of still images (slides) used in presentation form in a prearranged sequence. A video slideshow often includes intros, transitions, background music, captions, animations, and outros.

Whether you’re showcasing your product, explaining your business, or highlighting your company’s values, a video slideshow is ideal for getting messages across in seconds.


Greeting, Invite, and Wishes Videos

You’ve booked the perfect venue for your business event, found just the right caterer, and got a killer playlist. It’s all coming together! Now there’s just one thing left: inviting people.

Set your event apart with a personalized invitation video. A video invite creates more buzz about your event and encourages users to attend your function.

A greeting or wishes video helps you connect with your audience more personally.

Wishes and greetings for the holidays are the most popular and make your customers feel like they share common interests with your company.

Get started now, invite everyone in style, and watch your guest list grow!


Video Ads

Video advertising displays ads inside online video content – usually before, during, or after a video stream, known as pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll – or standalone ads. Most video ads are bought, sold, and displayed programmatically using various targeting methods and may also include interactive elements.


Product Video Ads

Product video ads are a brilliant way to show your product in action.

Imagine you’re looking at a pair of black shoes online. You’re thinking about buying them, but you’re unsure if they’ll look good on you. You scroll down and see a video! A video that shows the shoes on someone’s feet, walking around, gives you a sense of how they might look on you.

It’s a fantastic tool, but not many people use it.

Think about your customers and what they might want to know about your product, whether physical or digital. Then create a short video that showcases its features and places it in action. You’ll be able to display your product in a way that makes it easy for people to imagine themselves owning it, which will lead to more sales and happier customers!


Long Form and Short-form / Bite-sized Ads

Long-form video effectively builds brands, reaches new audiences, and engages with your current audience.

New research from YouTube shows that longer videos can help keep viewers engaged. This is good news for marketers who typically produce shorter videos for social media.

Long-form content can be a powerful way to communicate your brand story and highlight the unique experiences of your customers.

Short Form advertising is mainly focused on awareness. It’s designed to remind us that a product is out there and ready for us to buy.

Short ads are not meant to inform consumers about what the product does or its use because they are concise. This might be because the product or service is so well-known that no explanation is needed.

When creating short ads, you can try using humor, eye-catching graphics, or celebrity endorsements to grab your audience’s attention long enough to remember the brand name and what it’s associated with.

Short-form ads are often used with TV commercials and radio ads, but they can also be found on social media platforms, websites, and other places where consumers may see them.


Video Collages

While a video collage may not be the first thing you think of when you want to create a video, it’s worth considering: It’s a visually attractive way of displaying videos and can be combined with music to bring them to life.

Video collages are perfect when you want concise content on social media platforms or to give your audience a snippet of something like an event or a service. They’re also great on websites where you want to show off different videos in one spot.


Discounts and Special Offers

Promotional videos are a great way to get the word out about your latest sale or event, and they’re incredibly effective when they’re interesting enough to grab your audience’s attention. They’re often similar in style and tone to teaser videos.


Listicles Videos

A listicle is a video post that features a list, with each point on the list supported by an engaging image or GIF.

The content is typically arranged in a numbered or bulleted list, and each point on the list is supported with either a relevant image or GIF to keep readers engaged.


Video Testimonials

Customer reviews are an integral part of what influences the decision-making process for most consumers. And in recent years, video has become the preferred media for communicating a message.

So, it’s no surprise that video reviews have become increasingly popular on social media and other digital platforms.

Video reviews allow companies to show off their products in a way that goes beyond just showing still images of the products or written testimonials from customers. Video reviews also can be more engaging, as they can capture the viewer’s attention and hold it longer than a written review or product image alone. They’re also more shareable, which means they can reach a larger audience than others types of content might.



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