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What is a Content Map and Why Is It Necessary

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Content mapping is the art and science of knowing what content currently exists, where it is located, and how to create new engaging and informative content to connect your message with your prospects, their decision-making process, and the specific actions you want them to take. The result is a map that secures your information architecture in an easy-to-follow format where the right people can find the right content at the right time when they are looking for it.

What is a Content map and why is it necessary

Why you should create a content map

Creating a compelling content marketing strategy isn’t easy. And it’s even harder to create content that targets your different audiences at various stages of the buyer’s journey. That’s why you need a content map.

Content mapping helps your team generate ideas for relevant, targeted content. It makes it easier to plan for content creation that supports the customer journey and creates a more cohesive, personalized customer experience.

The secret to creating a successful map is to remember that one piece of content can’t serve everybody’s needs. Your prospects are looking for different information as they move along their buyer’s journey.

To ensure that your company’s content effectively generates leads, you need to deliver different kinds of content covering various topics that buyers are searching for at each stage. Content mapping does just that!

We know that content mapping isn’t always easy at The Best marketing Shop. It can be kind of a pain. That’s why we provide a content mapping service that helps you create a targeted content strategy that caters to the needs of your audience at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

This service is helpful for companies who are looking to expand their audience reach and move prospects toward a purchase decision. If you’re looking to do some content mapping but don’t know where to start, get in touch with us today!

Creating your Content Map.

Our process of creating a good content map for the Kenyan Market is well thought out and will help propel your business to first page results. This is how we do it :

1. Content Map Sheet

The first step in content mapping is to create a content sheet. This helps us prioritize, organize, and better brainstorm ideas for your content creation.

2. Create Buyer Personas :

Buyer personas are fictitious, generalized representations of your ideal customers. They help us understand your customers (and prospective customers) better and make it easier for us to create tailor-made content to different groups’ specific needs, behaviors, and concerns.

The strongest personas are based on sound market research and insights we gather from your existing customer base (through surveys, interviews, etc.). We could have as few as one or two personas or dozens, depending on your business.

We can base personas on any criteria that make sense for your business: location, age group, and gender are common, but we also consider other factors such as education level or technical ability. The important thing is that each persona represents a group of real people who share similar characteristics—and that those characteristics affect their behavior as consumers.

3. Fill In the Gaps

As we create your content map, we will likely encounter gaps in your buyer’s journey. This means that there are places where there is little or no content that serves a particular stage. There are three ways we go about filling these gaps.

  • We find your audience’s questions at the particular stage of their journey and fill the gaps with content that answers those questions.
  • We then come up with a title for a piece of content that fills the gap, then work on coming up with the subheadings, or vice versa.
  • We research what your competitors are doing to fill this gap in their buyer’s journey and do something better.

We also fill in the gaps by conducting Key Word Research.

Keyword research helps analyze, compare, and prioritize the best keyword opportunities for your website.

Content Mapping - Choosing the Right Keywords

To learn more about keyword research, check out our Seo Services.

4.  Consider questions that personas would ask in the awareness stage

In the awareness stage, your persona is just becoming aware that they have a problem. They are searching for information about a problem and not necessarily looking for a solution. We can help them by educating them about the issue.

Some possible questions to ask in this stage are:

  • What problem does our product or service solve?
  • How would I recognize this problem?
  • What are others saying about products like ours?
  • Have we satisfied other customers like me with our products and services?

5. Figure out the consideration stage content

People are still evaluating their options at this point in the buying cycle. Our goal here is to help them narrow down what works the best for them and provides the highest value. Types of content that are used for the consideration stage can look like this:

  • Videos comparing and contrasting offerings
  • Whitepapers that offer more information than a blog post or brochure can provide
  • Case studies showing how your product or service has solved problems similar to those that your prospects face

6. Pinpoint decision stage content

If you’re at the decision stage of the buyer journey, it’s time to make your move.

Pinpoint decision stage content

At this juncture, your prospect is ready to pull the trigger. They’ve identified a problem and a solution, and now they’re looking to finalize their decision by assessing their options. This is where you can lean into marketing your products or services.

You can present prospects with examples of positive experiences or success derived from your product or service offering by creating case studies, social proof, customer testimonials, and product demos.

If you’re looking to turn your prospects into loyal customers and grow your business, content mapping is a great place to start. By meeting needs based on personas and their stages, you’re engaging them at every turn and boosting your chances of winning customer loyalty and turning them into a brand evangelist.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about how to put content mapping into action at your company, just let us know – We are here to help!

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